Luxury Travel Industry

Exploring Rome – A Bucket List

Many romantic global travelers are of the opinion that Paris should take the top honors as the best city for romantics. However, there are just as many, if not more who claim that the top spot should go to Rome. Although Paris does have a reputation there is absolutely no doubt that if you want to combine a romantic tourist experience with exceptional cuisine and a sense of ancient history and art Rome has an enormous amount to offer.

As far as relics of ancient history are concerned it’s hard to think of a city that has more to offer than Rome. 3000 Years of history are packed into this sprawling city – and the architecture that remains from the Roman Empire is even more interesting when one thinks that this was a civilization that continues to influence philosophy and law today.

Among the must see architecture of Rome are the usual suspects like The Colosseum. But there are other lesser known gems for those interested in ancient history. Those that immediately spring to mind are the tomb of the Scipios where members of one of Rome’s leading families were buried.

For a glimpse at the lives of ordinary Romans during the Imperial era a tour of the The Ara Coeli Insul is highly recommended, especially when you hire a luxury vehicle.

This rented property housed around 300+ and gives an exceptional idea of how ordinary Romans lived during that time period. There are simply too many historical architectural gems in Rome to list them all.

However any tourist visiting the city should take the time to explore some of the lesser known sites to get an insight into everyday life in one of the greatest cities that the world has ever seen.

Of course any trip to Rome would not be complete without sampling some of the best cuisine that is available across the length and breadth of Europe.

Any tourist may be tempted tom stay in the city center – but some of the best cuisine can be found outside the ancient walls, where the citizens of modern Rome gather to eat and socialize.

For those who want to enjoy ancient ambiance and fantastic authentic cuisine try Flavio al Valavevodetto where you dine among ancient wine jugs and Plexiglas protects walls from the heyday of the Roman Empire. Spring classics like the lamb and artichokes and the classic carbonara are taken to new heights.

If you want to satisfy your retail cravings then a visit to the Borghetto Flaminio Market is a must. Antiques, designer clothing and some rare donations from the elite of Rome will reward the shopper on the hunt for something to take home as a memento of their wonderful trip to this city of a thousand delights.

Finally leave the frenetic pace of Rome for a day trip to just outside the city to the Porto Turistico. The port outside the city offers covered walks, exceptional restaurants and a place to enjoy the serenity that will rejuvenate you for another day in this most fascinating city.…

The Many Options for Luxury Travel

Like many people, you probably enjoy getting away from it all and going on vacation. When you’re traveling, it seems as if you don’t have any care in the world and you get to enjoy everything that life has to offer. That being said, there are also different types of traveling that can take place. For some people, luxury travel is the only way to go and if you feel the same way, there are some things you should consider to make this type of traveling right for you.

One thing that you may want to consider is the fact that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money if you are going to travel in luxury. The real key is to save money where possible and spend money where necessary. Some people consider a luxury vacation to be a great getaway but they don’t necessarily want to go broke at the same time.

For those who are traveling on a budget can consider opting for some lower-priced items but then go big when it comes to some of the main features.

One thing that I would recommend is using the travel agent if you plan on doing any type of luxury traveling. This is not only a consideration, it really is a necessity. A travel agent can often get you into places that you may not be able to get in on your own.

In addition, they may have access to certain types of vacations that you had never even considered trying before. Talk to your travel agent and see what type of vacation options are open. You would be amazed with the possibilities when you know where to look.

Many people consider a cruise to be one of the top luxury vacations, and it really is as close as you can get. Of course, you would want to choose the right ship if you really wanted to travel in luxury.

Some of the upper cruise lines are always going to offer you luxury but at the same time, it may not offer you the type of atmosphere that you really want. Going on a cruise is a fun pastime and makes for a great vacation. A luxury cruise line, however, may be a little bit stuffy for some people.

That is why you may want to consider looking at some of the other cruise lines that offer a wide range of services to their customers. Some will offer you luxury suites but at the same time, give you access to the fun and sun that is enjoyed by everybody else on the ship.

Of course, cruising is only one of the many different luxury vacation options that you have at your disposal. You may enjoy going to an all-inclusive resort or perhaps going to an area of the world that you never thought you could possibly go. By trying these different types of vacations, you really open your world up to the possibilities of additional travel.…

Luxury Travel Industry Overview

Globally the market is poised to garner $1,154 billion by 2022, registering a CAGR of roughly 6.4% during the forecast slab 2016-2022. Luxury travel domain epitomizes most pleasing destinations, ultra luxurious accommodations, handy transport facilities, and genuine travel experience. Luxury travel strives to give exotic experience to its clients. Private jet planes, special menus, spas, private island rentals, and even private yacht are few of the unique services being offered to the clients.

The luxury travel market may be segmented on the verticals of types of tours, types of travelers, their age groups, and also geography. Based on type of tours, the market is additionally segmented into adventure & safari, customized & private vacations, cruise/ship expedition, celebration & special events, small group journey, and newest of all the culinary travel & shopping. In order to categorize the clients of Luxury travel market we take up four blocks – The millennial, The Generation x, the baby boomers, and lastly the silver hair. This market is further divided into traveler types, which is further divided in terms of varied level of luxury.

The market may further be analyzed across geographical regions namely Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Rest of Europe), North America (U.S., Canada, and Mexico), Asia-Pacific (China, India, Singapore, and Rest of Asia-Pacific), and lastly the LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East, and Africa).

The baby boomers aged between 51 and 69 years mainly dominate luxury travel market, because of their relatively higher number of annual visits, highest of all disposable money and savings, and relatively lesser health constraints as compared to the next level i.e., of  silver hair population (seventy and above).